Acquisition- If you are looking to purchase a commercial property along the Southern California coast, either as an owner-user or purely for an investment, Coastal Commercial takes a proactive approach to the acquisition for our clients. Over the past ten plus years we have been able to establish key relationships with owners along the coast.  These relationships enable us to fulfill specific commercial real estate criteria, such as: location preference, square footage, industry specific requirements, etc.  We will utilize our vast resources to uncover these opportunities, whether on or off-market.

Disposition- Coastal commercial uses a combination of traditional marketing strategies alongside cutting-edge technological capabilities to ensure a property listed for sale reaches the highest number of qualified buyers and commands the highest price in the commercial real estate market.  Coastal Commercial utilizes a proprietary coastal database of property owners, social media marketing integration, strategic client relationships, open team collaboration, and the application of various internet technologies to deliver exceptional outcomes for our clients.